The Memorial Wall and garden is located at the far end of the playing field attached to Langer Primary School on Langer Road near the traffic light junction with Beach Road West and Walton Avenue in Felixstowe.

It is the location of some of the deepest flood water in the town at the time of the East Coast floods on the night of 31st January 1953 in which 41 people lost their lives locally.  

The memorial was unveiled at midnight on 31st January 2006 – exactly 53 years after the devastating floods hit. The anniversary is marked at the wall annually by the laying of a floral wreath which is paid for by a local group of well-wishers and group of associated friends and family.

Flood Memorial - Felixstowe Town Council

The blue line at the top of the wall depicts the depth of the flood water that night and the plaque records the names of the victims.

Muriel Allery

Sally Jane Allery

Lucy Bridge

Vera Broom

Floods of 1953: The cold night of terror that claimed 41 lives ...

Julia Mary Burkitt

Norman Bushnall

Jean Mary Bushnall

Keith Norman Robert Bushnall

Brenda Jean Bushnall

Arthur Frederick Cobb

Thomas Collins

William Alfred Damant

Stella May Damant

Keith Richard Damant

Floods of 1953: Freak of nature unleashed a night of horror on ...

Frederick Flather

Annie Flather

Janet Flather

Suzanne Flather

Annie Haselden

Alfred Howell

Margaret Elizabeth Johnson

Floods of 1953: Flood water hit prefabs in Felixstowe like a ...

Warrant Officer Raymond Pettitt

Sheila Pettitt

Brian Pettitt

Gillian Ann Pettitt

Iris Evelyn Sadd

Patricia Margaret Sadd

Jack Barnard Salmon

Stella Wisby Salmon

Robin Anthony Graham Salmon

Staff SGT Jack D Short USAF

Aircraftman David Anthony Sibbett

Ronald Frank Studd

BBC - Suffolk - In Pictures - Felixstowe floods 1953

George Taylor

Mary Ann Taylor

Reginald Norman Terry

Gladys Mabel Terry

SGT Cyril Stanley Tidswell RMP

Joan Tong

Angela Tong

Alison Mary Watkins

The memorial was constructed by local builders, Drake and Plant and was designed as a contemplative space by local artists Rosemary Humphries and Claire Curtis with the mosaic works being made by local school children.

Flood memories never fade for those caught up in tragic night of ...

It was paid for by a combination of private donations and funds committed by Felixstowe Town Council and involved many contributions in kind to convert the concept of the actual memorial and the artists’ cardboard model of the design into the physical structure.

A hand engraved book of remembrance was opened and now resides in Felixstowe Library.

With thanks to Felixstowe Town Council:

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