Felixstowe Academy has had a name change.

MP for Suffolk Coastal, Thérèse Coffey, condemned the Academies Enterprise Trust in 2018 stating;

I was proud when the school was opened, AET offered a lot of promise about what they could do the children of Felixstowe but sadly the school has never reached a ‘Good’ rating from Ofsted.

Thérèse Coffey (MP for Suffolk Coastal)

Ms Coffee led the call to find someone new to run the school instead of the AET and confirmed that the AET would no longer be responsible for running the school in 2018.

Unity Schools Partnership now operates the school which means there was a need for a name change- as it is no longer sponsored by Academies Enterprise Trust.

Unity Schools Partnership is a family of secondary, primary and special schools located mainly in Suffolk, and also on the Essex and Cambridgeshire borders as well as Romford in East London.

The Partnership recognises the unique characteristics of each of the communities they work in and how they are reflected in distinctive school cultures.

They are committed to a partnership that respects, sustains and supports. They encourage cultural diversity, celebrate the special qualities of each of their schools and recognise that communities must develop and grow to become sustainable.

Their model is about creating interdependence – schools that are more self-sustaining than stand-alone academies, less dependent than local authority schools and more independent than schools in corporate chains.

Unity Schools Partnership works with schools that can subscribe to these values and who are prepared to take responsibility and share resources with others. This approach is already improving the life chances of pupils in primary, special and secondary schools throughout the trust.

The name chosen is (Wait for it)……..

Felixstowe School‘.

Felixstowe School boasts almost 1200 pupils studying at the school and has recently appointed a new Head Teacher.

Felixstowe Academy continuing to improve say Ofsted | Ipswich Star

New Head Teacher, Mrs Emma Wilson-Downes said

We are proud to be a comprehensive school, where students from all backgrounds and abilities can come together to be part of our school. Students can be proud to be a member of the Felixstowe School community, and of the wider community within Felixstowe.

We want our students to achieve their full potential, enjoying an education that develops their skills and enhances their strengths and aptitudes.

We also recognise that each student is part of a wider, national and global community outside of Felixstowe, and to this end we want our students also to develop into outstanding citizens, and contribute to the society in which they live.

Mrs Emma Wilson-Downes (Head Teacher of Felixstowe School)\

Unity School’s also run Langer Primary Academy.

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