Highways England Push Back A14 Road Closure Times Amid Felixstowe Residents ANGER

Highways England have updated A14 Road closure times and have apologised for disturbances.

They said;

We are sorry for the recent disruption caused by our road works during the last few nights. We have reviewed this and would like to make you aware of some changes that will be in place from tonight to help improve this situation.

Highways England

Highways England will install additional signing at the Garrison Lane/ High Road West crossroads and at the Garrison Lane/ Candlet Road roundabout.

This will divert traffic wanting to leave Felixstowe at junction 60 in advance of reaching the start of the closure and will reduce queuing traffic at this location.

They have confirmed that they will amend their working window from 8pm to 4am to 9pm to 5am. This later start time will ensure the closure begins once traffic has further reduced.

Highwas England’s Traffic Management contractor will be positioned at the traffic signalled crossroad to monitor traffic flow once our closure starts.

Finally, they will check the traffic signals to ensure there are no fault to the timings of the lights prior to work starting each evening.

A spokesperson for Highways England told Felixstowe News

We hope these changes will reduce queuing traffic and disruption at this location. We have asked that our Traffic Management contractor provides feedback each evening for us to review whether any further amendments are required.

If you would like to contact us about this scheme, please get in touch with our Customer Contact Centre on 0300 123 5000 or email info@highwaysengland.co.uk.

We thank you for your patience while we carry out these essential maintenance works to the strategic road network on the A14.

The works will continue until January 2021

Why we need this scheme
This scheme is essential. By ensuring we fully restore sections of road at the end of their life, we will increase the life expectancy of the road surface at this location and make journeys safer for motorists. Highways England will be using available funding by planning larger schemes which incorporate smaller works, in the hope to deliver more permanent repairs and reduce the need for future emergency repair works. By doing this, we will reduce the amount of times we re-visit specific areas overall, reducing the amount of disruption caused to local communities.

The main aim of this scheme is to deliver a large amount of resurfacing works to this location, which will prevent us from having to return and carry out a large-scale scheme such as this in the future. Due to the duration of the scheme, we are aiming to carry out a large amount of other maintenance works within this closure as to tackle all identified issues in one hit. There are five major resurfacing schemes planned, which add up to a combined duration of twenty four weeks. By increasing the scope of the schemes and combining them, Highways England are striving to reduce the impact to the local community by removing the need for return visits.

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