There has been reports of a group of people who have set up camp at Felixstowe’s Nature Reserve.

The group reportedly lit up several disposable BBQs on the reserve, discarding litter and set up tents.

Section 12 of the Public Space Protection order (Anti social Behaviour Crime & Policing act 2014) states;

Lighting any fire, stove, heater or other appliance capable of causing a fire, or letting fall or throwing any lighted match or lighted substance in a manner likely to cause fire is prohibbited.

Section 15 of the order goes on and prohibits the erection, parking, leaving or using any tent, shed, caravan, vehicle or other structure for the purpose of habitation.

Landguard Common is a 30.5 hectare biological Site of Special Scientific Interest in Felixstowe in Suffolk.

An area of 16.3 hectares at the southern end is also a Local Nature Reserve.

This spit on the northern outskirts of Felixstowe has a vegetated shingle beach, which is a fragile and rare habitat.

Flora include sea kale, yellow horned poppy, sea sandwort, sea campion and sea pea. Areas of saltmarsh provide cover for small birds.

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