We are now all accustomed to constantly hearing about the doom and gloom that is going on in our World but sometimes there are stories that really just cheer you up.

Toddler Alanna Phillips is a litter picker hero from Felixstowe.

Felixstowe mum, Ainsley, wanted to teach her child that she must look after where she lives and to not drop litter, as it isn’t safe for the animals or people.

She and her daughter joined Litter Free Felixstowe, an initiative that we support- started by local, Debbie Barlett.

Litter-Free Felixstowe was created to ensure we tackle the issues of litter across the town to ensure that no plastic waste ends up in the sea.

They organise litter-picks and include the clean up of beaches, parks, woodland & hedgerows and grass verges. Their aim is to make Felixstowe the UK’s first Litter-Free town.

Ainsley said;

‘It’s a lovely hobby and she absolutely loves it. I’d love to encourage more little ones and adults locally to join the group or just be more aware of the problems with not taking things home or to bins with them’

‘She’s very careful too and has been Antibac’d before and after, also during walks’

Founder of Litter-Free Felixstowe, Debbie, has provided multiple litter-pickers and hoops for people to collect (outside the house opposite Brackenbury Green). These are free to take and she requests that you DO NOT return the equipment for the duration of the Corona Virus- She will replenish the crate when it runs low.

Remember to social distance on your walk

Well done Alanna!

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