With temperatures in Felixstowe soaring up to 34°C today, you might be mistaken for living in California, however it’s actually going to be 5°C hotter in Felixstowe today!

The distance between Felixstowe and California is around 5,341 Miles. That is the distance a former Felixstowe resident travelled, when he emigrated to ‘The Gold Coast’ in 1992.

We received an email from Richard Webb, a former Felixstowe resident, who now lives in California.

He said in the email;

I was born in Old Felixstowe in 1951, I attended Central Junior School followed by the Grammar school.

I studied at Guildhall School of Music in London and played baroque cello in the first period instrument baroque orchestras in England since the 18thc. – The English Concert and Academy of Ancient Music.

My father was organist at the Congregational church for many years,  and one of my sisters still lives in the town.

I especially like news of the coast/views of the sea. 

I emigrated to California in 1992. 

Did you used to live in Felixstowe but now live abroad? We want to know your story- please email us at Lukesmout.news@gmail.com

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