Felixstowe is a small coastal town with a population of around 25,000, insignificant compared to major towns and cities.

Felixstowe News has a combined readership of 12,237 in the Felixstowe area (just short of half of the population)- it also has around 800 international readers.

We know that at least 70% of international readers are expats, who have previously lived in Felixstowe. They love to keep in touch with old friends and like to keep up to date with the goings on in the town whenever they feel home sick.

Below are the number of international readers in their current countries.

United States of America: 627

Australia: 173

Spain: 25

Canada: 19

New Zealand: 18

Poland: 18

Germany: 16

Lithuania: 14

France: 13

Romania: 13

Ireland: 12

Turkey: 10

Saudi Arabia: 9

Sweden: 8

Bulgaria: 7

Indonesia: 4

Japan: 2

Cyprus: 2

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