In this current era for the High Street, change is needed.

Change has actually been needed for the last few years and is long over-due due to plummeting footfall as online shopping became more prevalent.

Now more than ever, change is critical for the survival of the High Street. Businesses need to adapt to the ‘New Normal’

If change doesn’t happen, more shops will have to undoubtedly close their doors for good.

It is crucial that Shopkeepers pivot and restructure how they operate.

It is key that the council and local people support the high street in the coming days, weeks, months and years to come.

It is important that we strive to market Felixstowe and turn it into a must visit destination.

Incentives must be offered to attract new business to the area.

Most importantly is that money is invested into the area and businesses are given more funding to keep going.

If we fail to address the above and all we have is more charity shops hairdressers and coffee shops and we don’t need anymore than we already have.

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